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Social Insects

Rev. Sci. Instrum. 2006 (Measuring Activity in Ant Colonies)

AmNat Dec. 2005 (Symmetry breaking in escaping ants)


Granular Matter

PRL 01A (Avalanches in one-dimensional piles with different types of bases)

PRL 03 (Sandpile formation by revolving rivers)

Bumps (Uphill soliton-like bumps in granular flows)


Avalanches in Superconductors

PhysicaA2000a(Universality of vortex avalanches in a type II superconductor with periodic pinning)

PhysicaC2002b(Origin of dendritic flux patterns in MgB2 films)

PhysicaC2004b(Experiments in superconducting vortex avalanches)

PhysicaC1997a(Avalanche behavior in one-dimensional superconductors with a periodic distribution of pinning centers)

PhysRevB2001a(Thermally activated avalanches in type II superconductors)

PhysRevB2001c(Simple model for plastic dynamics of a disordered flux-line lattice)

PhysRevB2004a(Vortex avalanches with robust statistics obsreved in superconducting niobium)

PhysRevLett2001a(Avalanches in one-dimensional piles with different types of bases)

VortexAvalanchesReviewNOVA(Vortex avalanches in type II superconductors: the sandpile perspective)

RevModPhys2004(Experiments in vortex avalanches)


Trasport in Superconductors

Cryogenics1993(Generation of Jc(H) hysteresis curves for granular YBCO superconductors

JSuperconductivity1995(Hysteresis in the Ic(H) characteristics of High Temperature ceramics and thin films)

PhysicaC2000a(Hysteresis of the critical current density in YBCO, HBCCO and BSCCO superconducting polycrystals...)

PhysicaC2000b(Magnetic hysteresis of Re-doped HBCCO polycrystals)

PhysicaC2001a(Magnetic irreversibility in (HgRe)BCCO: effects of neutron irradiation

PhysicaC2002a(Relaxation of the transport critical current in deoxygenated YBCO)

PhysicaC2002c(The resistive transition of (HgRe)(BaSr)CaCuO superconducting polycrystals)

PhysicaC2004a(Transport properties of YBCO, HBCCO,TBCCO and BSCCO superconducting polycrystals)

PhysicaC1990(Anomalies in the Jc vs B curves for oxalate-route YBCO superconductors)

PhysicaC1991a(Flux trapping in transport measurements on YBCO superconductors)

PhysicaC1991b(The oxygen isotope effect in Pr, Ca and Zr substituted YBCO and EBCO)

PhysicaC1992(Transport relaxation and intragranular flux creep in YBCO)

PhysicaC1994a(Magnetic hysteresis of the zero-resistance critical temeprature...)

PhysicaC1994b(Hysteresis in the Jc(Ba) dependence of (BiPb)SrCaCuO polycrystalline superconductors)

PhysicaC1995b(On the negative values of the geometric factors in the untra-granular flux trapping model...)

PhysicaC1996c(Possible interpretation of the existence of an anomalous inversion...)

PhysicaC1997b(Temperature dependence of some intragranular parameters in BSCCO...)

PhysicaC1999b(Magnetic hysteresis in the zero-resistance critical temperature in YBCO, BSCCO and HBCCO...)

PhysRevB1999a(Relaxation of the transpot critical current in High Tc polycrystals)

PhysicaStatSolidi1990(Hysteretic critical currents in YBCO superconductors: a microstructural approach)

PhysicaStatSolidi1991(The Jc vs T dependence in YBCO superconductors and the Ambegaokar-Baratoff relationship)

SolidStateCommun1990(Jc vs B curves and the Josephson junction assemby model for YBCO superconductors)

SupercondSci&Technol2003(Hysteresis and relaxation in TBCCO superconducting polycrystals)

SupercondSci&Technol1997(Choice of sampe size for high transport critical current density...)


Superconducting Miscelanea

AJP2003(Josephson junctions in a magnetic field: insights from coupled pendula)

PhysicaC1995d(Bean-Livingston barriers in ideal type-II superconductors: hollow cylinders)

PhysicaC1997c(The azimuthal critical state of a superconducting hollow cylinder)

PhysicaC1995e(AC susceptibility study of the intergranular irreversibility line in BSCCO...)

MMM1998(Characterization and neutralizing properties of a natural zeolite/Na2Co3...)

MMM2000(Time evolution of a natural clinoptilolite in aqueous medium...)



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