Claro Noda

Claro Noda

Former Graduate Student

Physics Faculty
University of Havana
P.O. Box 6631
Havana, 10600, Cuba.

Cell: +39.346.236.4411
Fax: +1.209.774.2370

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updated 12 May, 2009

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Current Projects

Elevator Automation

Dynamics of Social Insects. Field Measurements


Measuring Activity in Ant Colonies (PDF)

Symmetry Breaking in Escaping Ants (PDF)

Avalanches in One-Dimensional Piles with Different Types of Bases (PDF)

Magneto-Transport Properties in Multifilamentary Superconducting Tapes (PDF)

Relaxation of the transport critical current in high-Tc polycrystals (PDF)

Magnetic hysteresis of the zero-resistance critical temp in SC (PDF)

Hysteresis of the critical current density (PDF)

Measuring irreversibility line of H-Tc superconductors (PDF)

Master Thesis (spanish) PDF

Diploma Thesis (spanish) PDF

Selected Talks

Internet Embedded Systems in Physics
A perspective for undergrad students. Havana, Nov. 2004

Elevator Automation
IMRE, UH (Forum C.T.) May, 2005

Measuring Activity in Ant Colonies
Oslo, UIO, Sep 2005

Activity in Ant Colonies: the Wireless Perspective
ICTP, Italy, Feb 2006

Challenged Gateway for WSN, presented at WCSN 2007
University of Havana, Cuba, May 2007

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Latest News

I've relocated, currently a researcher at CISTER/ISEP and attending MAP-Tele, a Doctoral Programme in Portugal. The programme is a joint venture of Universidade de Aveiro, Universidade do Minho and Universidade do Porto. New homepage to appear here.

Attended SIGCOMM 2007 in Kyoto, Japan.

Our paper Measuring Activity in Ant Colonies published by Rev. Scient. Instrum. is commented in this article at

Went to Africa Dec. 2006 to participate in a wireless deployment and exploration project in collaboration with the University of Malawi and ARPL. We installed a WLAN to connect the Polytechnic with the Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Blantyre, among others sites like a maternity house.
We also investigated potential WSN applications. Here is the report on wsn.

Computer Science Conferences

Some CS conferences I'm interested in and the corresponding statistics.

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WSNBlog is a blog on the exciting topic of Wireless Sensor Networks. Find new products and associated research topics and conferences. Feel the pulse of the future Internet that will embed the real world into it.

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This is where we share bibliography and code. Password required.

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Here are some of my shots and some taken by friends.

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