Wii remote acceleration plotting
by Carlos Pérez-Penichet | complexperiments.net

Xraters is a very simple application that plots the acceleration reading from a Wii remote to the screen in real time. It allows the user to save the data to the disk.

When I first started looking into ways of obtaining acceleration data from a Wii remote, I stumbled upon a Mac application that could plot the acceleration readings from the remote in real time. At the moment I thought it would be very nice if there were something similar for Linux but I could not find such an application.

I am using a Wiimote as part of a physics experiment and this application is a striped down version of the software I wrote to control the experiment. Xraters is written in Python taking advantage of the cwiid library, which stands for C Wii-remote driver and has a very convenient Python interface.

You can download Xraters here. Note that you will need to install the cwiid driver and possibly the Glade python bindings for the application to run. You will need to set the address of your particular Wii remote in the Preferences dialog before the application can correctly paired with your remote. You can use the lswm command, which is part of the cwiid distribution, to find out the address.

If you feel any curiosity about the code, it is available in GitHub.

Please write me an e-mail with comments if you try it. I would like to know hoy it works for other people.


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